Outlaw promotion is a family owned business. I (Joe Hibbert) started building cars when I was 10 years old. I helped my neigbor strip cars. I finally talked my parents into letting me drive at the age 14. The first car I bulit was a 58 chevy four door, but they wouldn’t let me drive without a license. My dad drove it and to this day he complains how he got hit. I got my restriced license . I built a 67 caddy and I loved it!! After many years and who knows how many cars, I am now 54

I started Outlaw Promotion after running Gray county (KS) Fair Demo for 6 years. Outlaw Promotion has been operating on its own for 20 years. I have three boys that are currently driving and a daughter. The reason I started promoting was the boys were becoming of age to drive and I wanted them to have safe derbys to run in. I was asked to do other county derbys, before I knew it Outlaw Promotion had several derbys. Now we have a large extended family across the five state area.

We promote ALL motor sports     Monster Trucks, Demo Derbies, ATV Rodeos,Mud Bogs, figure 8 races and circle track races

Our main goal is to have a safe, fun show and make friends after all is said and done.

We are members of Kansas Fairs and Festivals and Colorado and Nebraska Association of Fairs .

We have been highlighted on The National Geographic Show ” Monster Fish”

We even had a producer want to make a reality show about our family.

We try to run innovative rules and work hard to promote your shows. We do things different from others thats why we are “The Outlaws.”

Long ago when the boys helped me!!

Now they drive their own cars!!!

Katy the girl, maybe the most aggrestive!!