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Outlaw Promotions

Facility Requirements

The following conditions are required for Outlaw Promotions to put on an event:

There must be some form of barrier (chain link fence, restricted access, closing off of side streets, etc.) separating paid customers from the general public.  This will allow Outlaw Promotions to charge admission into shows.  For security purposes all attendees must enter through a controlled area, such as a gate or walkway.  This allows the screening of prohibited objects.

Facility must have retaining fences with security to keep participants and the general crowd separate.  The general crowd should never be allowed in the pit area without signing the proper release forms.

Facility must have some form of designated seating (permanent grand stands, bleachers, etc.) that have proper safety elements (hand rails, back fencing above 4ft., handicapped seating, etc.).

There must be a retaining fence or wall that is capable of stopping a motorized vehicle no less than 12 ft. from the crowd or designated seating area.  This CAN NOT be temporary fencing (snow fence or portable panels).

For events that are held in a rodeo arena, there must be an additional 3ft. dirt berm that is no less than 30 ft. from inside berm to outside retaining fence.  This allows for out of control vehicles, flying debris and emergency vehicles to have a dead zone.

Must have EMS & Fire Department on call at all times during the event.

Facility must have a funnel entrance to restrict access and to allow all participants to sign waivers.  No one is allowed past the gate without signing the release forms.  This includes Fire Department, EMS, and Press.

Facility must have designated pit area.  This must be a separate entrance from the general crowd.  NO ALCHOL WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE PIT AREA. Violators will be removed

Without these needs being met, Outlaw Promotions will be unable to provide a safe motor sport family experience.

Outlaw Promotions has the final say about the safety requirements to put on a show.  If deemed unsafe, the show will not be held until requirements are met.  Failure to meet requirements, the show will be cancelled and no deposits returned.